Best x58 Motherboard – Top 5 Motherboard of 2020

Best x58 MotherboardImageScoreLink
MSI AMD FM2 MotherboardMSI AMD FM2 Motherboard4.2buy
Asus X58 MotherboardAsus X58 Motherboard3.8buy
Intel DX58SO MotherboardIntel DX58SO Motherboard4.0buy
Asus ATX DDR3 Intel x58 MotherboardAsus ATX DDR3 Intel x58 Motherboard3.3buy
Asus P6T x58 MotherboardAsus P6T x58 Motherboard3.5buy

It seems like you have landed upon the perfect place to find out all the detailed reviews and our personal favorites from the top 5 Best x58 Motherboard available. Motherboards are, as the name goes, is the mother of the whole unit (computer). Choosing a perfect motherboard is essential for your computer and all the components to work efficiently and smoothly.

Best x58 Motherboard

1. MSI AMD FM2 Motherboard

MSI AMD FM2 MotherboardLoads of features and excellent build-up quality at a reasonable price 

Key Features: 

  • It is super easy to install and comes with case screws.
  • The motherboard brings CD installation with itself.
  • It comes with bright red LEDs.
  • It has six USB ports on the front part.


2. Asus X58 Motherboard

Asus X58 MotherboardRated as a great gaming board, the best motherboard you can find!

Key Features:

  • An excellent motherboard for gaming 
  • It comes with a fully customized BIOS.
  • The form fit and finish are outstanding.
  • It comes with USB 3 support.


3. Intel DX58SO Motherboard

Intel DX58SO MotherboardA very stable, flawless motherboard works perfectly for any gamer.

Key Features:

  • It runs swiftly with windows seven and pinnacle studio for editing. 
  • It is effortless to set up this motherboard.
  • It works well and is simple for anyone who is building a new computer.
  • It has version 7.1 of the Dolby audio system.


4.  Asus ATX DDR3 Intel x58 Motherboard

Asus ATX DDR3 Intel x58 MotherboardThe best motherboard available at this price range 

Key Features: 

  • The rig had some worthy horsepower.
  • This motherboard supports up to three video cards.
  • This board has all the features that will allow you to handle all your tasks. 
  • It has excellently designed heat sinks that help to cool down faster. 


5. Asus P6T x58 Motherboard

Asus P6T x58 MotherboardA motherboard that is easy to install and performs great with zero issues

Key Features:

  • It works very stably.
  • It works without rebooting on the initial startup.
  • It runs very smoothly once you install it.
  • Even after usage, the temperature of the board and CPU remains cool.


My personal favorite of all the products from ASUS, the product name is Asus-, X58, a popularly rated as a perfect gaming board, at a fair price. You can find the products link in table.

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