Best Thocky Switches For Pleasurable Typing Experience

Best Thocky Switches

The rise of mechanical keyboards for gaming, coding, and typing has increased over time with the development in the tech industry. Work is essential and becomes more pleasurable with suitable gadgets and tools. A mechanical keyboard is a little complex topic, you get so many options in terms of key switches, and each makes a different sound based on its mechanism and vertical height.

Best Thocky Switches

Best Thocky SwitchesImageLink
Akko CS SwitchesAkko CS Switchesbuy
Kailh MX SMD 5 Pin
RGB Switches
Kailh MX SMD 5 Pin RGB Switchesbuy
Glorious Panda SwitchGlorious Panda Switchbuy
Panda Switches
TECSEE Purple Panda Switchesbuy
Gateron KS-8
Brown Switches
Gateron KS-8 Brown Switchesbuy

Very few people prefer the clacky sounds. Many people like a low-pitch deep sound, also known as thocky, and if you’re one of them, check out these five best thocky switches.

1. Akko CS Switches

Akko CS SwitchesFeatures:

  • It comes in a transparent casing, making it best for the backlit mechanical keyboard.
  • It is compatible with all MX keyboards. Also, there is a variety of colors available to choose from.
  • While others require 50+ grams of force, it only works with the 45 grams input force.
  • These key switches are highly durable and have a lifespan of 60 million times of keystrokes.


2. Kailh MX SMD 5 Pin RGB Switches

Kailh MX SMD 5 Pin RGB SwitchesFeatures:

  • It is a pack of affordable switches with the option in quantity and the switch color.
  • The switch has 4 mm of key travel distance, of which 2 mm is used for the typing feedback.
  • It features the self-lubricating POM material, feels smooth, and offers a unique typing experience.
  • It is an excellent switch if your mechanical keyboard has an RGB setup.


3. Glorious Panda Switch

Glorious Panda SwitchFeatures:

  • The packet consists of 36 tactile switches to help you fill your keyboard to provide tactical feedback.
  • The structure of these keys is very similar to Cherry MX and Kalih, meaning it fits perfectly with most of the sockets.
  • Everything is forged using top-notch quality material from shell to switch to spring to ensure longevity.
  • You will get a better sound and typing feel than the loud blue switches.


4. TECSEE Purple Panda Switches

TECSEE Purple Panda SwitchesFeatures:

  • It is a white switch with a long stem of 3mm, offering a nice and smooth typing experience.
  • It is a tactile and linear switch. You have to apply less force, and the input will get registered quickly.
  • The switches use PME material for the build, and you get a two-stage spring separately to assemble.
  • The best thing about these switches as they include all the accessories you need to build your final mechanical keyboard.


5. Gateron KS-8 Brown Switches

Gateron KS-8 Brown SwitchesFeatures:

  • It comes in a pack of 20 brown switches and a single stainless steel keycap remover.
  • It will fit on most mechanical keyboard plates, and assembling it is pretty straightforward.
  • It is a light switch with a plastic shell which seems okay, with reasonable care they will last long.
  • The typing feedback is linear, with a good balance of red and blue switches, providing a decent thocky sound signature.


All of them are good in a certain way. If I had to choose, it would be Akko CS Switches. Those switches require less force which ultimately results in a low-pitched trophy sound. Furthermore, the transparent switch shell suits the RGB mechanical keyboard well.

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