Best Mem Chanical Keyboard – A Keyboard You Never Heard Before

Best Mem Chanical Keyboard

Membrane and mechanical are the most popular types of keyboards where the membrane is much more affordable and mechanical is pretty expensive.

However, there is a hybrid type that you might not have heard of, i.e., Mem Chanical keyboard. It uses a mechanism of the membrane with a slight change in mechanism and provides the feel of a mechanical keyboard at a budget-friendly price.

Best Mem Chanical Keyboard

Best Mem Chanical
Cooler Master MS110
Mem Chanical Keyboard
Cooler Master MS110 Mem chanical Keyboardbuy
Cooler Master
MS121 Keyboard
Cooler Master MS121 B Keyboardbuy
Hermes E1B Mem
Chanical Keyboard
Hermes E1B Mem chanical Keyboardbuy

If you want one, we have listed the top five best mem chanical keyboards below. 

1. Cooler Master MS110 Mem Chanical Keyboard 

Cooler Master MS110 Mem chanical KeyboardFeatures:

  • It comes with a simple key floating design that offers a similar mechanical click feel at a budget price.
  • The linear switches are responsive and do not make a loud annoying sound that will disturb your surroundings.
  • RGB lighting underneath will provide a warm ambiance while typing in a dark environment.
  • The product is a combo of keyboard and mouse. You get gaming with the highest DPI of 3200.


2. Cooler Master MS121 Keyboard 

Cooler Master MS121 B KeyboardFeatures:

  • The key design is similar to a mechanical keyboard and provides tactile feedback on the keypress.
  • You also get a mouse, a precision gaming mouse to help you improve your gameplay.
  • It offers 26-key anti-ghosting, meaning you can type at the speed of a bullet train and still get accurate input.
  • The keyboard keys get per-key RGB lighting, and the mouse has 2-Zone RGB lights.


3. Hermes E1B Mem Chanical Keyboard

Hermes E1B Mem chanical KeyboardFeatures:

  • It is an affordable combo of the keyboard, mouse, headset, and mouse mat.
  • It comes with the 4-zone RGB backlighting and four-level of brightness.
  • The manufacturer ensures the long life span of the key press. The keyboard key will last up to 50 million keystrokes.
  • The headset also has colorful lights with a breathing effect, and it comes with a large sound drive as well.


The one that performs best is Cooler Master MS110. The keyboard has robust keycaps, and the mechanism performs as the manufacturer explains. You get responsive feedback, RGB lights, and a gaming mouse.

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