Best AM4 Waterblock – Top 5 Waterblock of 2020

Best AM4 WaterblockImageScoreLink
Thermaltake AM4 WaterblockThermaltake AM4 Waterblock4.4buy
Thermaltake Pacific DIY AM4 Waterblock Thermaltake Pacific DIY AM4 Waterblock4.4buy
Phanteks CPU WaterblockPhanteks CPU Waterblock4.5buy
Fosa AM4 WaterblockFosa AM4 Waterblock4.2buy
EKWB EK-Velocity CPU WaterblockEKWB EK-Velocity CPU Waterblock5.0buy

Waterblocks are used to cool down different components of the computer. A AM4 waterblock helps decrease the heated up temperature inside the computer’s CPU and GPU. Read below the top five recommended water blocks available.

Best AM4 Waterblock

1. Thermaltake AM4 Waterblock

Thermaltake AM4 WaterblockAgain a very cool and incredible water block with great features.

Key Features:

  • It is a transparent water block. 
  • This comes with seven cool color LED options.
  • The base is made of a premium copper base.
  • It has plates made of nickel for exceptional heat transfer and anti-corrosion protection.


2. Thermaltake Pacific DIY AM4 Waterblock

Thermaltake Pacific DIY AM4 WaterblockThis block is cool, quiet, and awesome all at the same time 

Key Features:

  • This water block works well with all the latest Intel CPU sockets.
  • This comes with seven cool color LED options.
  • Anti-corrosion design with a mirror-finished CU Base.
  • It pumps water and on lower settings is quite enough.


3. Phanteks CPU Waterblock

Phanteks CPU WaterblockA very well made water block with good quality components at great pricing.

Key Features:

  • Comes with extreme cooling performance and the best heat dissipation.
  • The base has a super smooth finish.
  • The RGB lighting is excellent and works perfectly with ASUS AURA.
  • It is a bit hard to install but once done, it’s worth it.


4. Fosa AM4 Waterblock

Fosa AM4 WaterblockA good quality CPU water block for a low price.

 Key Features:

  • This comes with anti-oxidized technology. 
  • A high-performance base of copper.
  • A great water block once you learn to install it properly.
  • It is not so fancy, but great value for money and works very well.


5. EKWB EK-Velocity CPU Waterblock

EKWB EK-Velocity CPU WaterblockBig, bold, and a great water block with a fantastic cooldown feature.

Key Features:

  • This water block covers the entire processor making the cooling process faster.
  • This product is suitable for popular RGB sync technologies from all major motherboard manufacturers.
  • This product should not be installed with any aluminum fluid gaming parts.
  • The Top is made of acrylic, and the cold plate is made from nickel-plated copper.


My personal favorite of all the products is the Thermaltake AM4 Waterblock, with some cool features and incredible design you want. You can find the products link in table.

Watch this video on YouTube.

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