1440p Vs 4k: Which is Best for you

1440p Vs 4k

Whether you are performing tasks, editing sheets, searching online, or playing games on your PC, your monitor is the thing that is closest to you, and you see all the information on it. When you are buying a monitor especially gaming, then you should consider the crucial aspect, and that is, the native resolution of the screen. Today, we will see the difference of 1440P Vs 4K and see which is best for you among them.

Some popular resolutions for a monitor are:

  • 1280×720 (HD/720P)
  • 1920×1080 (Full HD/FHD/1080P)
  • 2560×1440 (Quad HD/QHD/WQHD/1440P)
  • 3840×2160 (Ultra HD/UHD/2160P/4K)
  • 7680×4320 (Full Ultra HD/FUHD/4320P/8K)

1440P Vs 4K

As you know that a resolution of a monitor is the amount of width and height in pixels. A 2560×1440 (1440P) resolution means the width is 2560 pixels and the height is 1440 pixels. And a 3860×2160 (4K) resolution means 3860 pixels width and 2160 pixels height.

The 1440P monitor resolution is also known as QHD, WQHD, or Quad HD, while the 4K has alternative names like UHD, Ultra HD, or 2160P. These are the two of the most popular resolutions in the industry. Where 4K is the latest resolution standard, the upgraded version is also introduced which is named as 8K (4320P, Full Ultra HD). But, we may see them available in the market in the next 4-8 years or so.

Which is best for you?

1440P is referred as Quad HD due to the four times more resolution than a 1280×720 HD resolution. While using a 27” monitor with a 1440P resolution, you will get an increased refresh rate as well as a perfect resolution for gaming. It is a more popular version today, as it is available at affordable prices for the consumers while providing powerful hardware. If you got the new RX480 graphics card from AMD, then you will even get a virtual reality support in your display! If your monitor has a refresh rate of 60Hz, then 1440P will be an ideal resolution for you.

While the 4K is the whole new ball in the court. It is the latest and hottest resolution in the gaming world. It is an incredibly demanding thing and is the best for you if you have a compatible graphics card and no limit for the budget. You need a monitor with high refresh rates for supporting the 4K resolution. After testing, we see that the new GTX 1080 from NVIDIA has struggled for the 4K screen content. So, you need to really upgrade with some higher specifications if you are desperate of getting a 4K monitor.

So, 1440p Vs 4k: Which is Best for you

Both are the best in specific ways. If you have a budget limit, 60FPS rate, a standard version of the graphics card, then the 1440P is the ideal choice, and if you have no par for the budget and can upgrade to the required specifications, then 4K will give you an experience that you have never got before. Some of the things to consider while buying a perfect 1440p monitor are the response time, refresh rate, native resolution, and of course, your budget.

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