Android vs Cyborg: Know the Difference Between These Terms

Cyborg Vs Android

We live in the era of technology, which is continuously increasing. Our scientists and tech experts are creating wonders and how! We can see the imaginative capacity of robots in the films, but that time is not far when all such things we have seen or imagined will become a reality. Nowadays, there are entirely new inventions of robots which can walk, talk, and perform many jobs a person can just think of! Such types of robots are known as android or cyborg. In this article, I will discuss a fascinating topic which is android vs cyborg.

Many people got confused between these two. Either they think that they are entirely similar or entirely different. But it is not true. Both have some of their unique features and also many similar ones! Let’s find out the difference between android and cyborg.


Don’t get confused between that green little mascot android and the robot! When we talk about the mechanism, an android is basically a robot which is made from the synthetic material and looks like a human. Thus, it is said that the android is a humanoid robot. It is modelled after a human in appearance and has been designed in a lab. Not just the looks, it also acts like one! It takes help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to behave like a human. It can simulate human thoughts. But as being a robot, Androids are entirely mechanical. Sophia is the best example of an Android robot.

Android Robot


Cyborg means Cybernetic Organism. Cyborg is not entirely mechanical. It is a living organism which includes some robotic or automatic parts. In simple term, we can say that it is a human – a person whose body is partially robotic. The living creatures who have been converted in Cyborg can push them to their extended capabilities. If you are a movie maniac, you must know the DC superhero ‘Cyborg.’ He is a Cyborg by nature. When a person or an animal go through some implantation procedures, which help them to do some activities which were not possible for them to do in the past, we can say that they are Cyborgs now.

Cyborg robot

Cyborg Vs Android

  • Cyborg is not entirely organic. It includes one or more than one parts which are machines. So, Cyborg is partially mechanical, while Android is a wholly mechanical structure.
  • Cyborg does not require a lab, while an Android is made in the labs only. It requires time and effort more than the Cyborg and also needs the help of AI.
  • Cyborg can be a human or even an animal as it just requires a simple mechanism installed to extend their capabilities, while Android is specifically designed to look and act like a human being.

It is not necessary that the robots are only humanoid. They could be shaped like anything – animals, birds, humans, or just like claws. Ultimately, a robot is an electro-mechanical machine which works as per the computer program or electronic circuitry. Androids and Cyborgs advanced in many ways!

Some people also believe that on an average most of us are cyborgs in real life. I still have doubts in that, but as per their logic, even the contact lens we wear or a small iron rod in our body can also make us Cyborg as such small changes in the human body are also help the person to extend the capacities. So, this is the simplest explanation of Android vs Cyborg. I hope this article has sorted your confusions between a Cyborg and an Android.


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