Fashion Nova Halloween Costumes – You Dream It, They Have It


Did anyone say hot deals? Well, now that there’s no time to roam around to pick the right Halloween costume. All that you are left with is shopping online, and Fashion Nova is one such brand that will never disappoint you. In this article, I have listed the best Fashion Nova Halloween Costumes that all the ladies can get and leave their mark. SO what are you waiting for?

Fashion Nova Halloween Costumes

Have a look at the best Fashion Nova Halloween Costumes.

1. Lock Me Up Costume 

  • Lock Me Up CostumeThis one is a 2 piece orange sexy prisoner costume ideal for a Halloween party.
  • This costume has a pair of handcuffs, a belt, and a romper for the perfect look that is not included, and you can purchase it separately. 
  • It is made from polyester and spandex for comfortable wearing. 

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2. Roaring 20s Flapper 3 Piece Costume

  • Roaring 20s Flapper 3 Piece CostumeThis one is a sealing BOGO deal at a very reasonable price, ideal for Halloween. 
  • It is a 3 piece costume set that can be paired with black stockings and pumps for the best look. 
  • The sequin garter bodysuit comes with gloves, feather headband and is available in all sizes. 

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3. Star-Spangled Hero Costume

  • Star-Spangled Hero CostumeThis jaw-dropping hero costume has a BOGO-free Halloween deal and is available in all sizes. 
  • It is a jumpsuit costume that is available in 2 pieces and includes a headband, has a zipper closure, and a mock neck. 
  • It is made from polyester and spandex to make it very comfortable for you to wear. 

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4. Sexy Baller Purple Costume

  • Sexy Baller Purple CostumeThe more, the merrier, and this 4 piece costume is all that you want; it is available in a purple combo set perfect for Halloween. 
  • It has a cropped cutout top with high-waisted shorts, a jacket, and garter to complete the whole look. 
  • It is made up of polyester and spandex; you can team it up with high knee socks or boots. 

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5. Cat Fight Costume

  • Cat Fight CostumeThis bad and sassy outfit is none other than this 5 piece cat costume, just perfect for standing out at a Halloween party. 
  • It can be styled with boots, and that’s it; you will slay the floor for sure; it is made with polyester and spandex. 
  • This 5 piece suit comes with an ear headband, mask, jumpsuit, belt, and gloves. 

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6. Bride to Be Costume

  • Bride to Be CostumeThis is not the typical bride’s costume but a gorgeous red 6 piece costume for cosplay, Halloween parties. 
  • This is a diva beetle bride movie costume that can be styled with black or red thigh-high boots. 
  • This long sleeve bodysuit comes with a waist belt, gloves, bow garter, rose bouquet, and a veil. 

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7. Burning Rubber Costume

  • Burning Rubber CostumeWearing this racing car driver costume, you will surely drive other people crazy. 
  • This bodysuit is available in black and all sizes that can be paired with a flag to get the perfect look. 
  • This costume includes a jumpsuit, gloves, and sunglasses, the material used here is polyester and spandex. 

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8. Got the Juice Costume Set

  • Got the Juice Costume SetThis 6 piece got the juice beetle costume is now available in all sizes and black/white colors. 
  • You can style it with a matching boot, a mini purse and walk into the party. 
  • The whole costume includes a striped long sleeve jacket, cami, panty, wig, bow tie, and leg thigh-high garter accessories. 

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9. Sexy Skeleton Costume

  • Sexy Skeleton CostumeMove your body like a skeleton and wear this sexy bodysuit colored in metallic black.
  • It is a 1 piece jumpsuit ideal for Halloween that can be paired with black boots or heels. 
  • It has a back zipper for comfort wearing and is made with 90% polyester and 10% spandex. 

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10. Might Sexy Superhero Pink Combo Set 

  • Might Sexy Superhero Pink Combo SetConquer the world and Halloween parties wearing this pink might sexy superhero combo costume. 
  • It is a 4 piece set that includes a mini sleeveless dress, wig, garter waist belt, and wristlets. 
  • You can team it up with appropriate footwear and add some accessories to enhance the look. 

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11. Daddy Dollars Pimp 2 piece Costume

  • Daddy Dollars Pimp 2 piece CostumeIt is a furry 2 piece Halloween costume that will make you outshine the party for sure. 
  • It is a deep V-Neck Bodysuit with fur trim, dollar print, and a hat that is definitely a sealing deal. 
  • You can pair it up with high knee shoes, and the costume is made with nylon and spandex. 

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12. Fairy Dreams 2 Piece Costume

  • Fairy Dreams 2 Piece CostumeWear this dreamy fairy costume and find your prince charming at the Halloween party. 
  • The 2 piece butterfly fairy costume set comes with a drape bodysuit, full-length chiffon train, and wings too. 
  • This is a steal-deal costume made from nylon, spandex, and polyester, which will make you look even more princessy.

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13. Sexy Siren 2 Piece Costume

  • Sexy Siren 2 Piece CostumeMermaids are here to take over the Halloween party because this sexy siren costume is just outstanding. 
  • This sparkle shiny mermaid costume comes with a Rhinestone bra and a full stretch maxi skirt to enhance your curves. 
  • It is made from a combination of polyester and spandex; also, you can complete the look by applying glitter makeup to your body and cheekbones.

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14. Angel Energy Costume Set

  • Angel Energy Costume SetIn this world full of devils, become the godly angel and wear this 4 piece of Halloween costume. 
  • It comes with It is made from polyester and spandex, also available in all sizes and gold/silver colors. a laced-up metallic bodysuit, sleeves, halo headband, and wings; you can pair it with stockings too.
  • It is made from polyester and spandex, also available in all sizes and gold/silver colors. 

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After having a look at the most magical and magnetic Fashion Nova Halloween Costumes, I am sure you must have chosen your favorites. So what are you waiting for? Quickly get yours and look breath-taking at the party. 

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