Legend Revo-A Review – Have a Smooth Ride Always

Legend Revo-A Review

Hey mate, I am sure you are thinking of upgrading your suspension, and what’s better than Legend Revo-A. This Legend Revo-A is shielded with maximum load capacity and excellent resistance for a smooth ride. So in this article, I have reviewed the Legend Revo-A, so make sure you sit by and get to know all the detailed features. Please scroll down for more. (Website)

Legend Revo-A

Legend Revo-ALegend Revo-A shock system makes a conventional difference in your ride. It uses coil springs to deliver a sweet spot over a wide variety of roads. With Revo, you can achieve softer spring rates. The overall body is made up of aluminum and has a maximum load capacity. The legend Revo-A also allows the rider to adjust the rebound damping of the shocks. 

Let’s have a look at the detailed features of the Legend Revo-A:

  • It provides you a superior ride quality with special performance designed for all the touring models. 
  • It has improved ride quality, and the coil also provides resistance, control over every ride. 
  • It has an extended coil length without even increasing the overall shock length. 
  • It has a unique spring rate and has the ability to reduce ride height and maintain a smooth ride. 
  • It offers minimal requirements for preload adjustments at the time of changing rider weight or even the total motorcycle load. 
  • It offers easy installation and does not require any extra tools for adjustments. 
  • It also comes with spherical bearings on both top and bottom, which are exclusively sold in Paris. 
  • Also, it has six positional knobs that allow you for fine-tuning and comfort damping. 
  • The riding style can be tuned as per your personal preference with the desired qualities. 
  • Moreover, it is backed by a lifetime warranty. Thus, you can be fully secured. 


Now that you know almost everything about the legend Revo-A Review, I would recommend you to surely use it and have it installed for a better ride. With the impeccable suspension length, heavy-duty springs, preload and rebound adjustments, and easy installation will not disappoint you at all.

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