Best Wheel Paint for Aluminum – Top Reviewed Aluminium Wheel Paint

Best Wheel Paint for Aluminum
Best Wheel Paint for AluminumImageScoreLink
Dupli-Color BTY1600 Graphite Gray paint
Dupli-Color BTY1600 Graphite Gray paint3.6buy
Dupli-Color EHWP10107 Silver Wheel Paint
Dupli-Color EHWP10107 Silver Wheel Paint4.2buy
VHT SP181 Aluminum Wheel Paint canVHT SP181 Aluminum Wheel Paint can4.4buy
Rust-Oleum 248927 Automotive Spray Paint
Rust-Oleum 248927 Automotive Spray Paint4.1buy
Dupli-Color EBGM03447 Gunmetal Metallic Paint
Dupli-Color EBGM03447 Gunmetal Metallic Paint4.2buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best paint to use on aluminum wheels.

Best Wheel Paint for Aluminum

We all know that car wheels and hubcaps can be of steel, aluminum, or chrome. We also know that after some time of use, these wheels get caked with mud and slush. Regular washing might rob the aluminum wheels of its sheen and give it a dull look. So, it is better to go for a repaint job where you can ensure that the wheels get a new lease of life and sheen making the car looks like brand new. The paints are easy to apply. Let us now check the best aluminum paints for your wheels.

1. Dupli-Color BTY1600 Graphite Gray PaintDupli-Color BTY1600 Graphite Gray paint

This is fast drying acrylic-lacquer aerosol paint. The EZ Touch 360-degree nozzle can make even spray paint for a smooth coating. The paint is excellent for a perfect match with a clear coat finish over Toyota’s factory coating. It is great for touch ups on motorcycles and cars.

2. Dupli-Color EHWP10107 Silver Wheel PaintDupli-Color EHWP10107 Silver Wheel Paint

The quick-drying product gives a highly reflective metallic finish. Its durable finish prevents brake dust and chemicals from settling down again for long. Besides that, the paint prevents cracking, flaking and peeling even after a long time besides use on wheels and accessories.

3. VHT SP181 Aluminum Wheel Paint canVHT SP181 Aluminum Wheel Paint can

The Aluminum high heat wheel paint is ideal for aluminum and steel wheels. The polyurethane paint is famous for the chemical resistance and heat. The product is great for use with primer color and can withstand a temperature of up to 900 degrees.

4. Rust-Oleum 248927 Automotive Spray PaintRust-Oleum 248927 Automotive Spray Paint

The product has a rust formula that prevents corrosion and rust besides restoring the original look of wheels and hubcaps. The brilliant weather-resistant finish is ideal for aluminum or steel or plastic accessories of the vehicle. The 11oz is great for offering a smooth finish.

5. Dupli-Color EBGM03447 Gunmetal Metallic PaintDupli-Color EBGM03447 Gunmetal Metallic Paint

The 8 oz bottle is a perfect match automotive paint that is of high quality and is fast to dry. The acrylic lacquer and aerosol paint are exactly matching the factory paint. You can use it over scratch filler primer from Dupli-Color.

After a lot of contemplation, my choice is the Dupli-Color BTY1600 Graphite Gray Pearl Toyota Exact Match paint. The paint is great for recoating or repainting with exact color for the wheels. You can find the products link in table.

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