Best Short Antenna for f150: Top Ford Antennas of 2020

Best Short Antenna for f150ImageScoreLink
CravenSpeed Stubby antenna ReplacementCravenSpeed Stubby antenna Replacement3.6buy
CravenSpeed Bullet Style Stubby antenna
CravenSpeed Bullet Style Stubby antenna4.1buy
Racing 1 Short antenna
Racing 1 Short antenna3.7buy
Maxracing Short Aluminum antenna
Maxracing Short Aluminum antenna4.0buy
KEYO1E 4.8” AM/FM Radio Stubby antenna
KEYO1E 4.8” AM FM Radio Stubby antenna4.3buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best Ford antenna of 2020.

Best Short Antenna for f150

If you have a Ford truck, you might think of giving it upgrades. There are accessories you might wish to invest in so that it increases the look of the vehicle. The Ford trucks are of top quality, and you can look for stylish accessories like changing the bumper or mud flaps. You may also go for the best Ford antenna. These antenna are of durable materials like aluminum and stainless steel hardware that do not get any corrosion and hence, the overall durability of the antenna is pretty long. These days, there are car-owners who prefer going for shorter or stubby looking antenna. Let us check out the best five short antenna for FL50.

1. CravenSpeed Stubby antenna Replacement

CravenSpeed Stubby antenna ReplacementThe CravenSpeed stubby antenna fit Ford F-150 between 2008 and 2020 truck. The stubby antenna from CravenSpeed is easy to install and is all metal machined out of Bilet aluminum and then powder coated with black textured paint. The stainless hardware eliminates corrosion.

2. CravenSpeed Bullet Style Stubby antenna

CravenSpeed Bullet Style Stubby antennaThe CravenSpeed antenna is a bullet style stubby antenna replacement fits any Ford F-150 made between 1997 and 2020. You will not need any tools for installation. The Bullet style stubby antenna is all-metal machined out of Billet aluminum and anodized later.

3. Racing 1 Short antenna

Racing 1 Short antennaThe product fits Ford F-150 for models between 2009 and 2020. It gets premium metal construction with weather-resistant coating and easy screw-on installation. The product from Racing 1 does not need any more hitting the stock antenna and gets durable construction.

4. Maxracing Short Aluminum antenna

Maxracing Short Aluminum antennaThe product fits Ford F150 2009-2020 Models and manufactured from 7073 aluminum with a hard black anodized finish that will not chip, scratch or fade with time. The product does not affect On-Star, Bluetooth or GPS. It replaces a stock mast or whip antenna.

5. KEYO1E 4.8” AM/FM Radio Stubby antenna

KEYO1E 4.8” AM FM Radio Stubby antennaThe durable ABS material product does not need any tools for installation, without cutting or drilling. The 4.8 inches long antenna is ideal for 2009- 2020 Ford F-150 radio signal. It does not affect On-Star, Bluetooth, GPS Navigation or Sirius XM radio.

After a lot of studies, I have chosen the CravenSpeed Stubby antenna Replacement. The stubby antenna is of top quality Bilet aluminum and durable with stainless steel hardware. You can find the products link in table. 

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