Best FJ Cruiser Lift Kit – Top 5 Lift Kit of 2020

Best FJ Cruiser Lift Kit
Best FJ Cruiser Lift KitImageScoreLink
KSP Performance leveling Lift KitKSP Performance leveling Lift Kit4.4buy
Dynofit FJ Cruiser Lift KitDynofit FJ Cruiser Lift Kit4.6buy
Rock Trix Front suspension Lift KitRock Tris Front suspension Lift Kit4.6buy
Daystar Toyota FJ Cruiser Lift KitDaystar Toyota FJ Cruiser Lift Kit4.2buy
Glorider Rear FJ Cruiser Lift KitGlorider Rear FJ Cruiser Lift Kit4.8buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best FJ Cruiser lift kit. 

Best FJ Cruiser Lift Kit

The Toyota FJ cruiser users often look for off-road adventures. This is when they seek the best lift kits available for a more comfortable ride. The 3” suspension kit, or the leveling kit, or even the solid axle swap lift are a few of the most common ones. The spacers will help heighten the rig up and allow the factory shocks and struts to the maximum point. Whatever it is, you can now get a branded Toyota FJ Cruiser compatible lift kit. Let us check the best five brands getting great reviews in the market.

1. KSP Performance leveling Lift Kit

KSP Performance leveling Lift KitThe lift spacers get sufficient thickness but not for a 1” 1 ratio due to the geometry of the suspension. The billet aircraft-grade spacers are thinner than 3”. These parts are of high quality, and they get forged and proper CNC machining design on them.

2. Dynofit FJ Cruiser Lift Kit

Dynofit FJ Cruiser Lift KitThe Dynofit premium quality leveling kits or strut spacers lift kit gets a real thickness of 1.5”. The real 3” raise is due to the suspension structure. The design provides a 2:1 ratio, so on installing the spacers, you notice the change in the design of the lower control arms.

3. Rock Trix Front suspension Lift Kit

Rock Tris Front suspension Lift KitThe product offers 2.5 inches of lift, and it is compatible with 2005 to 2019 Toyota Tacoma, 2007 to 2019 FJ Cruiser, among others. The product is a leveling kit and comes with two aluminum spacers and accessories. The spacers are made from superior quality of billet aircraft-grade aluminum, CNC machined parts.

4. Daystar Toyota FJ Cruiser Lift Kit

Daystar Toyota FJ Cruiser Lift KitThe product is suitable for all transmissions and all cabs KT09124BK. It is compatible with the 2/WD or 4/WD 2007 to 2014 FJ Cruiser. The lift kits provide large tires and are made from high quality polyurethane. It is easy to install and gives a better appeal too.

5. Glorider Rear FJ Cruiser Lift Kit

Glorider Rear FJ Cruiser Lift KitThe product gets 2 billet aluminum front strut spacers and Polyurethane spring spacers. The lift kit does not give a 1:1 ratio due to the design of the suspension, but it is thick enough. It is compatible with the 2003 to 2018 Toyota 4 Runner and FJ Cruiser.

After a lot of research, my choice is the KSP Performance leveling lift kits for Tacoma 3” front strut spacers. The product gets 2 aircraft grade billet front strut spacers. These also come with installation manuals and are made of proper CNC machined designs. You can find the products link in table.

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