Best Feeler Gauge – Top 5 Feeler Gauge of 2020

Best Feeler Gauge
Best Feeler GaugeImageScoreLink
Proto 25 Blade Long Feeler GaugeProto 25 Blade Long Feeler Gauge4.6buy
CTA Tools A308 Feeler GaugeCTA Tools A308 Feeler Gauge4.5buy
Precision Brand Steel Feeler GaugePrecision Brand Steel Feeler Gauge4.8buy
Mitutoyo 950-252 Feeler GaugeMitutoyo 950-252 Feeler Gauge4.6buy
Starrett 66B Feeler GaugeStarrett 66B Feeler Gauge5.0buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best feeler gauge to measure gap widths without any error.

Best Feeler Gauge

Widely used in industries like automotive, medicine, aerospace, oil and gas, feeler gauge is considered as one of the essential tools in day-to-day work. It usually applied to set the valve clearances between the rocker arms. Moreover, it gives an accurate size of the gap or clearance between two machine elements.

The feeler gauge is made of tight tolerance high carbon steel material that significantly helps the engineers and workers in checking the precise calculation. The feeler gauge is highly used in the oil refinery industry to check the wall slot size of their reactor vessels. Quiet many companies are manufacturing their best feeler gauge. Let us check out the best five available in the market.

1. Proto 25 Blade Long Feeler Gauge

Proto 25 Blade Long Feeler GaugeMeasured in 1/2-inch x 12-inch blades in a steel holder, it comes in sizes ranging from 0.0015 through 0.040 inches. Weighing only 0.72 lbs, the blades are carved with both metric and decimal size equivalent for better convenience.

2. CTA Tools A308 Feeler Gauge

CTA Tools A308 Feeler GaugeThis feeler gauge comes with blade sizes ranging from 0.004-0.014 inches. It makes valve adjustment very easy and quick. With all the blades having metric markings, this set is engineered with 2 handles and 11 blades perfect for a woodworking hobby.

3. Precision Brand Steel Feeler Gauge

Precision Brand Steel Feeler GaugeEncased in a very strongly built vinyl package, the smoothened ends of the blades very conveniently fold flat. It consists of 20 blades with 1/2″ width and 12″ length and is made from close grain, high carbon spring steel.

4. Mitutoyo 950-252 Feeler Gauge

Mitutoyo 950-252 Feeler GaugeWith the help of the knurled lock screw, the tapered leaves can get into tight places and even stays locked in the close position. Its 26 leaves consist of 0.0015-0.025″ thickness and tapered at 3″ length.

5. Starrett 66B Feeler Gauge

Starrett 66B Feeler GaugeMade from tight tolerance high carbon steel material, it consists of 31 leaves of finest tempered steel, very carefully finished to correct thickness. They are tested and marked with 0.0015-0.035″ thickness and 3-1/32″ length.

After a lot of research, my choice is the Proto J000TL 25 Blade Long Feeler Gauge Set. If you work in industrial maintenance, this set helps in overcoming the issue of short feeler gauges. Its extra length makes it faster and easier for any valve adjustments. You can find the products link in table.

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