Best Exhaust for Mustang GT – Top 5 Exhaust of 2020

Best Exhaust for Mustang GT
Best Exhaust for Mustang GTImageScoreLink
Flowmaster 817516 Mustang ExhaustFlowmaster 817516 Mustang Exhaust4.4buy
Borla 11806 Exhaust for Mustang GTBorla 11806 Exhaust for Mustang GT4.7buy
Borla 140458 ATAK ExhaustBorla 140458 ATAK Exhaust4.4buy
Corsa 14332 Exhaust for Mustang GTCorsa 14332 Exhaust for Mustang GT4.7buy
BBK 1641 Exhaust for Mustang GTBBK 1641 Exhaust for Mustang GT4.7buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the Best Exhaust for Mustang GT.

Best Exhaust for Mustang GT

Ford Mustang GT is a premium sports car version, and it has been a big hit. The car comes with a superior active valve performance exhaust system. This controls the noise and even offers a quiet start. It’s high-end horsepower and automatic transmission, and the vehicle has gained a lot of popularity. The pipes are usually made of a more robust and more durable stainless steel body. These also come with mandrel-bent tubing to ensure superb performance. 

However, with time it will need repairs and replacements. Hence, we have to look for the best Exhaust systems for the Mustang GT vehicles. Many brands are specializing in this product, and they ensure the Mustang GT emits well for as long as possible.

1. Flowmaster 817516 Mustang Exhaust

Flowmaster 817516 Mustang ExhaustThe product offers superior sound thanks to the 4.00-inch stainless steel tubing and the aggressive sound production feature. The exhaust also gets dyno tuning for better performance. There is a strong performance thanks to the axle-back system, and the hardware suits this exhaust’s fitment.

2. Borla 11806 Exhaust for Mustang GT

Borla 11806 Exhaust for Mustang GTThe product is the specialty of Borla, where you get to add more power to the vehicle. The ATAK technology helps in pumping up the volume. It also improves the audio clarity, and it comes with a single-round rolled angle cut. The exhaust works for long term use. 

3. Borla 140458 ATAK Exhaust

Borla 140458 ATAK ExhaustThe highlight of this product is the multi-core technology to help the product deliver better horsepower. The ultra-smooth mandrel delivers a cutting edge performance and has 2-inch round tips. The product has emissions legal and approval from all the states.

4. Corsa 14332 Exhaust for Mustang GT

Corsa 14332 Exhaust for Mustang GTThe product comes with patented reflective sound cancellation technology. This fits the vehicle’s exhaust to create a drone-free exhaust sound. Moreover, its 304 stainless steel construction increases the vehicle’s performance overall.

5. BBK 1641 Exhaust for Mustang GT

BBK 1641 Exhaust for Mustang GTThe product is a full-length header and comes with a long tube exhaust to ensure leak-free use. This CAD designed product offers airflow without any restrictions. Its one-piece laser cut flange and heavy-duty aircraft body. Moreover, it provides high horsepower, flow, and torque.

After a lot of contemplation, my choice is the Flowmaster 817516 Mustang exhaust. The exhaust gets a large polished stainless steel body to ensure long-lasting performance. You can find the products link in table.

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