Best Cam for 4.8 Vortec – Top Recommendations of 2021


A camshaft is also known as tappets. These devices are useful in controlling the input and output of fuel in the engine’s internal system. These sturdy camshafts and lifters are such a common word for all the truck enthusiasts.  

Best Cam for 4.8 Vortec

Best Cam for 4.8 VortecImageScoreLink
Comp Hydraulic Roller CamComp Hydraulic Roller Cam4.7buy
Michigan Motorsports Cam KitMichigan Motorsports Cam Kit4.6buy
Guardian Engine Cam & Lifters KitGuardian Engine Cam & Lifters Kit4.5buy
Comp Cams for 4.8 VortecComp Cams for 4.8 Vortec4.7buy
Michigan Cam for 4.8 VortecMichigan Cam for 4.8 Vortec5.0buy

Please scroll down to read all the detailed reviews and our personal favourites from the top five best cam for 4.8 Vortec available

1. Comp Hydraulic Roller Cam

Comp Hydraulic Roller CamThis cam has a very wide power range. 

Key Features:

  • These hydraulic rollers result in smooth drivability. 
  • The operating of this camshaft is 1400-6700 RPM.
  • Designed with extreme technology that provides easy configuration.
  • The LS engine has a larger journal, diameter and base circle.


2. Michigan Motorsports Cam Kit

Michigan Motorsports Cam KitThis camshaft is a wonderful all-round grind for any truck admirer. 

Key Features:

  • It is a combination of camshaft, springs, and 4.8 pushrods.
  • It has stage 3 cam with 7500RMP. 
  • It is a two-friendly camshaft and you can gain BTR.
  • It will affect your 4.8 gas mileage positively.


3. Guardian Engine Cam & Lifters Kit

Guardian Engine Cam & Lifters KitA compatible kit for 2007-2013 Chevrolet GM Silverado

Key Features:

  • These hydraulic cams are made with billet steel. 
  • The camshaft bolt has an active fuel management function that disconnects the fuel.
  • It will give you a decreased friction and more longevity.
  • It has faster lobes that help in functioning the shaft.


4. Comp Cams for 4.8 Vortec

Comp Cams for 4.8 VortecIt is designed with extreme energy technology, that provides excellent power. 

Key Features:

  • The operating cam shift is 800-5000 RPM.
  • This is a hydraulic roller made of billet steel.  
  • It has an upgraded cylindrical head design. 
  • This camshaft has low-end grunt and high RPM potential.


5. Michigan Cam for 4.8 Vortec

Michigan Cam for 4.8 VortecThese are the most affordable truck cams available. 

Key Features:

  • The operating cam shift is 800-7500 RPM. 
  • These are designed for low shift balancing. 
  • These are made with billet steel. 
  • It supports modes like higher compression, headers, valve springs.


My pick from all the mentioned cams is the Comp Hydraulic Roller Cams. The perfect camshaft with enough durability, excellent response and with a very wide power range. You can find the products link in table.

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