Best 2 Meter Mobile Antenna – Top Reviews of 2019

Best 2 Meter Mobile Antenna
Best 2 Meter Mobile AntennaImageScoreLink
TRAM 1180 Amateur 2 Meter AntennaTRAM 1180 Amateur 2 Meter Antenna4.0buy
FireStik 2 Meter Antenna
FireStik 2 Meter Antenna4.1buy
VFAN 2 Meter AntennaVFAN 2 Meter Antenna3.7buy
Comet SBB 5NMO 2 Meter Antenna
Comet SBB 5NMO 2 Meter Antenna4.8buy
HVS 2 Meter NMO VHF AntennaHVS 2 Meter NMO VHF Antenna4.0buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best 2-meter mobile antennas. 

Best 2 Meter Mobile Antenna

You might have thought of buying the mobile antenna for a better range. How would you like going to a 2-meter mobile antenna? These mobile antennas help in converting EM waves to an electrical signal and the electrical signal to EM waves. It enables us to use the internet on the phone or use the phone to listen and respond. The mobile antennas are usually the whip styled or the helical types. While buying a portable antenna, check its impedance, and the polarization along with the antenna. These will be aspects to note before buying the best mobile antennas. Many brands have made the best mobile antennas for you. Let us look at the top five brands.


1. TRAM 1180 Amateur 2 Meter Mobile Antenna

TRAM 1180 Amateur 2 Meter AntennaThe product can reach a frequency range of VHF 144 to 148 and UHF 430 TO 450 MHz. The antenna has a power rating of 100W. Moreover, it has a 38 inch with ¾ NMO Connector. It gets a high gain of 6dBd for better TX and RX. 

2. FireStik 2 Meter Mobile Antenna

FireStik 2 Meter AntennaThe product comes with a double insulated conductor and 19-gauge copper wire. The overall length of this antenna is 48.2 inches, and it is rated at 400 watts. The conductor is double insulated and it gets a lower range of radiation of any mobile VHF antenna. 

3. VFAN 2 Meter Mobile Antenna

VFAN 2 Meter AntennaThe product comes with a 10ft long RG58 Cable. The product gets a 2.95” strong earth magnet base for you to fix it on the car’s roof in a few seconds. The Omni-directional antenna is adjustable for you to change the positions to get better performance and better signal. 

4. Comet SBB 5NMO Antenna

Comet SBB 5NMO 2 Meter AntennaThis product is a dual-band antenna offering coverage of 2meter to 70Kms. It works on the maximum power of 120 watts. Furthermore, it is 38” long and has an NMO Connector. It offers a gain of 3.0dBi and ½ wave. 

5. HVS 2 Meter NMO VHF Antenna

HVS 2 Meter NMO VHF AntennaThe product comes with an RG -58 Coaxial cable 13ft long and a trunk lid mount. The stainless steel brackets and corrosion-resistant hardware make the product durable. This gives a gain of 2.5dBi and a maximum input of 150watts. This 136-174 Mhz NMO antenna works on brands like Motorola.

After a lot of research, my choice is the TRAM 1180 Amateur Dual Band NMO 38 Inch antenna. The antenna provides a high gain for 6dBd and has a 38-inch connector. You can find the products link in table.

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