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Best Shocks for Harley Touring
Best Shocks for Harley TouringImageScoreLink
Progressive Suspension 944-4020UT
Progressive Suspension 944-4020UT4.4buy
Progressive Suspension 944-4002UTProgressive Suspension 944-4002UT4.5buy
XMT MOTO Rear Air Ride SuspensionXMT MOTO Rear Air Ride Suspension3.4buy
HD -22 Ohlins for All Harley Touring
HD -22 Ohlins for All Harley Touring5.0buy
HD 772 Ohlins Blackline Shocks
HD 772 Ohlins Blackline Shocks5.0buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best shocks for Harley Touring that makes the ride smooth.

Best Shocks for Harley Touring

Whatever be the vehicle, the absence of suspension may create a problem for those traveling on bumpy roads. If you have the Harley Davidson or any other vehicle, you will find that the suspension has to be good for the ride. The pre-loaded shocks are great for the vehicle in the long run. There are quite a few brands of suspension shocks available in the market for you. Let us check out the best for your vehicle to last long.

1. Progressive Suspension 944-4020UTProgressive Suspension 944-4020UT

The product fits 1984-2020 Touring bikes, and it allows the shocks to sense the bumps and give a comfortable ride. Based on that, it allows the dumping to adjust automatically. It is possible to adjust the pre-load spring by hand without any special tools too.

2. Progressive Suspension 944-4002UTProgressive Suspension 944-4002UT

The product gets Ultra Touring spring combination offers a lowered ride height. The handling of the vehicle becomes very easy while parking with the advanced technology like Frequency Sensing Technology. The Patented dumping technology is another highlight that separates the chassis movement and the wheel.

3. XMT MOTO Rear Air Ride SuspensionXMT MOTO Rear Air Ride Suspension

The product comes in a kit with all the tools and shocks for replacing the factory-made ones whenever you need. The height-adjustable air shocks get a nickel – plated brass high-pressure push-to-connect fittings. The kit prevents the tire from rubbing against the fender.

4. HD -22 Ohlins for All Harley TouringHD -22 Ohlins for All Harley Touring

The Ohlins suspension is great for balancing the Harley Touring, and the shocks will not lose air. The shocks are great for a comfortable ride, and it is a single-tube emulsion style damper. The Ohlins suspension has adjustable pre-load at affordable rates.

5. HD 772 Ohlins Blackline ShocksHD 772 Ohlins Blackline Shocks

The product gets gold detailing that stands out from the suspension units besides giving the motorcycle, a better handling. The Ohlins is primarily in black, but it still will be contrasting to the suspension. The shocks are oil and gas under pressure without air loss.

After a lot of contemplations, my choice is with the Progressive Suspension 944-4020UT Ultra Touring Shocks. The shocks are equipped with the right sensing technology and longtime riding comfort. You can find the products link in table. 

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