Best LED Tail Light Bulbs – Give a New Look to your Vehicle

Best LED Tail Light Bulbs
Best LED Tail Light BulbsImageScoreImage
Philips 1156 LED Stop/Tailight
Philips 1156 LED Stop Tailight3.8buy
Yorkim 6th GenerationYorkim 6th Generation4.1buy
AUTOUS90 LED Light Bulbs
AUTOUS90 LED Light Bulbs3.9buy
JDM ASTAR LED Bulbs3.4buy
Alla Lighting Tail LightAlla Lighting Tail Light4.0buy

Hi today, I will be introducing to you the top-quality LED tail lights for your vehicle to give it a new look.

Best LED Tail Light Bulbs

Tail lights play a crucial role in not just indicating the vehicle’s presence to the vehicles on the lane behind but also act as a guiding light. These tail lights are the red lights that have to work well at night and definitely on misty, or rain and snow conditions. They are ideal for directing the vehicles in the lane in times of low visibility. Let us check the top brands of LED Tail lights in the market.

1. Philips 1156 LED Stop/TailightPhilips 1156 LED Stop Tailight

The brand of Philips is here with the LED Tail lights that are guaranteed to last 12 years. The exterior light works instantly. This brand offers the first street-legal exterior LED bulbs. The interior light is 6000k bright white ideal for backup applications.

2. Yorkim 6th GenerationYorkim 6th Generation

The Yorkim T10 LED lights do not have any flickering, no UV light emission and there are four colors to choose from. The inner bulbs get the aluminum body for superb heat dissipation and last up to 50000 hours on 12V of power.

3. AUTOUS90 LED Light BulbsAUTOUS90 LED Light Bulbs

The product works on 12V DC power and comprises of 20 pieces small LED bulbs. It is ideal for use as High Mount stop light, license plate lights and of course the typical tail lights. The warm white light is perfect for all vehicles.


The JDM ASTAR LED bulb works on standard socket only and not on CK Socket. It is a set of two bulbs that consume 12V of power. The diameter is 0.88” of the bulb and it is necessary to know trim of the vehicle prior to using it for getting the perfect fit.

5. Alla Lighting Tail LightAlla Lighting Tail Light

This product comprises of 39 pieces and offers 360 degrees of illumination using up 12V to 18V Working Voltage. The built-in IC guarantees exceptional performance, and the product is easy to install. It can be put to use instead of brake lights too.

After a lot of consideration, my choice lies with Philips 1156 LED Stop/Tailight. The product focuses on brightness and smart lighting options that are essential for any vehicle tail lights. You can find the products link in table.

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