Best Fanless LED Headlights – Top 5 Headlight Conversion Kits

Best Fanless LED Headlights
Best Fanless LED HeadlightsImageScoreLink
LASFIT H11/H8/H9/H16 Cree Chips LED bulbsLASFIT H11 H8 H9 H16 Cree Chips LED bulbs4.3buy
Halo Automotive H11 LEDHalo Automotive Premium Fanless H11 LED Conversion Kit3.2buy
BEAMTECH 9006 LED Headlights
BEAMTECH 9006 LED Headlights4.4buy
SOCAL HD 13 9008 Fanless LED
SOCAL HD 13 9008 Fanless LED3.4buy
Rigidhorse LED Headlights 9006/HB4 8000LM
Rigidhorse LED Headlights 9006 HB4 8000LM3.6buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best five fanless LED headlight kits in the market.

Best Fanless LED Headlights

If you have been driving a car around for quite some time and are a die-hard fan of good accessories, you know the value of a fanless LED headlight by now. The fan headlights are a passé now, and engineers and innovators have come up with the fanless option. This fanless option is one of the most preferred options because it is durable and does not require much space in the headlight slot to fit. With such interesting attributes and energy-saving features, the Fanless LED Headlights are here to stay. Let us check out the top five of the headlight conversion kits for your Fanless LED headlights.

1. LASFIT H11/H8/H9/H16 Cree Chips LED bulbsLASFIT H11 H8 H9 H16 Cree Chips LED bulbs

LASFIT has come up with this fanless LED bulb that is completely noiseless, and it is just ideal for plug and play. The LED lights give bright light, but the heat dissipation is better than halogen. The LED lights get advanced technology that cools the bulbs and makes them durable too.

2. Halo Automotive H11 LEDHalo Automotive Premium Fanless H11 LED Conversion Kit

The fanless LED headlight has the advanced cooling technology. It offers 60000k bright white light. Though the LED is easy to install, professional installation is advisable. The product is great for its high quality LED output.  The heat dissipation system works well and the lights last long too.

3. BEAMTECH 9006 LED HeadlightsBEAMTECH 9006 LED Headlights

The super bright white-light works without any fan and hence noiseless. It is easy to install since you just have to plug and play. There is no circuit necessary, and it has a good heat dissipation system working. Besides, it is waterproof too.

4. SOCAL HD 13 9008 Fanless LEDSOCAL HD 13 9008 Fanless LED

The product offers super bright white 60000k white LED light that can replace HID Xenon and Halogen lights. It has an instant on/ off feature, and it does not give off any noise. It is waterproof and resistant to vibration too and does not require any fans as well.

5. Rigidhorse LED Headlights 9006/HB4 8000LMRigidhorse LED Headlights 9006 HB4 8000LM

The COB LED Chips to produce 300% brighter light and have high optical density. Besides that, the heat resistance is low and does not make any noise. It starts as soon as the ignition is turned on, and it is dust-proof and water-proof.

After a detailed analysis, my choice is the LASFIT H11/H8/H9/H16 Cree Chips LED bulbs. The product is a hassle free in installation and good in dissipating heat. The light is also brighter than halogen. You can find the products link in table.

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