Best BOV for EVO X – Top Class Blow Off Valves

Best BOV for EVO X
Best BOV for EVO XImageScoreLink
Go Fast Bits Respons T9033 BOV
Go Fast Bits Respons T9033 BOV3.5buy
AMS 04.08.0002-1 Performance IntakeAMS 04.08.0002-1 Performance Intake5.0buy
Turbosmart BOV Dual Port Red
Turbosmart BOV Dual Port Red-buy
Turbosmart BOV SmartTurbosmart BOV Smart-buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the best Blowoff valves or dump valves for turbo engines.

Best BOV for EVO X

Those who have been using a turbo engine for their vehicles for a long time will be aware of the way the BOV works. The mechanism of releasing the pressure from the valve to the atmosphere makes the blow-off valves so special. They are mostly put in vehicles after purchase by those who wish to prevent a surge in the compressor. We shall be checking and discussing the available products in the market and picking from the top five of these for Mitsubishi Evo X.

1. Go Fast Bits Respons T9033 BOVGo Fast Bits Respons T9033 BOV

The BOV gets advanced Turbo Management System or TMS and Spring pre-load adjustment for a maximum response. The TMS is going to boost the performance more than the factory diverter valves, and gives better drivability. The BOV also gets full progressive bias adjustment and more.

2. AMS 04.08.0002-1 Performance IntakeAMS 04.08.0002-1 Performance Intake

The BOV AMS EVO X Performance is ideal in de-cluttering and in increasing performance. Thanks to the design, the valve can increase the horsepower of the turbo engine. The BOV Recirculation tube entry angle creates a turbulence-free induction path.


The Blowoff valve is of the RS Type, and it is compatible with all the trucks and vehicles with turbo engines. Though the kit does not include flange, it has the rest of the hardware. The BOV Valve produces powerful sound while releasing the pressure.

4. Turbosmart BOV Dual Port RedTurbosmart BOV Dual Port Red

The BOV features sequential dual ports that work mildly or quietly. These engines give a full performance and come with a blanking plug and red wire and more such attributes.The BOV is suitable for Mitsubishi EVO X and is easy to install.

5. Turbosmart BOV SmartTurbosmart BOV Smart

The BOV is in aluminum billet crafted with precision with CNC machines. There are dual ports and a one-way valve or trumpet outlet. The Smart Port bypasses and releases the pressure from the compressor effectively on stock vehicles to heavy-duty vehicles with turbo engines.

After a lot of considerations, my choice rests with the Go Fast Bits Respons T9033 BOV. The BOV is getting performance-oriented valves and they also have the Turbo Management System. You can find the products link in table.

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