Best Aftermarket Catalytic Converter for Your Vehicle – Top Picks

Best Aftermarket Catalytic Converter

Hello guys, today I am introducing to you the foremost aftermarket catalytic converter for your vehicle that is available.

Best Aftermarket Catalytic Converter

Best Aftermarket Catalytic ConverterImageScoreLink
Eastern Industries 70318Eastern Industries 703184.2buy
Flowmaster 2230130Flowmaster 22301303.8buy
Walker 16468 Aftermarket Catalytic Converter
Walker 16468 Aftermarket Catalytic Converter3.8buy
MagnaFlow 99205HM
MagnaFlow 99205HM3.9buy
Walker 16370 Aftermarket Catalytic Converter
Walker 16370 Aftermarket Catalytic Converter4.4buy

We all know the need for a catalytic converter in a vehicle. We also know that these are primarily in use for ensuring that they emit only less toxic fumes from the vehicle. But that said, if the car does not get proper maintenance, then there is a chance for this catalytic converter to go bust. It is also possible for the aftermarket catalytic converters that save a lot of money and yet are efficient. Let us check out the best of the aftermarket catalytic converters for your vehicle.

1. Eastern Industries 70318

Eastern Industries 70318

The catalyst converter from Eastern Industries is a non-CARB complaint. The product is suitable for most of the vehicles. It gets the stainless steel exterior body that remains durable. The converter gets inlet and outlet exhaust pipes connected to suit most vehicles.

2. Flowmaster 2230130

Flowmaster 2230130

The catalytic converter keeps the MIL lights off and gets a stainless steel body. Besides this, the product is non-CARB Complaint and has excellent flow features. The Flowmaster catalyst converters meet all the federal EPA requirements and are useful for a variety of applications.

3. Walker 16468 Aftermarket Catalytic Converter

Walker 16468 Aftermarket Catalytic Converter

This Aftermarket catalyst converter is ideal for use on OBDII 1996 and other newer models. 3-Bolt welded flange go for exhaust’s inlet connection, and 2-bolt welded flange go for the exhaust’s outlet connection. The pipe gets stainless steel and aluminum body for durability.

4. MagnaFlow 99205HM

MagnaFlow 99205HMThe product gets the stainless body, and the seams are welded close to the converter body for strength. The converter is Non-CARB Compliant, and it falls under the direct line of catalysts. The converter from MagnaFlow is easy to install, and it meets all EPA requirements.

5. Walker 16370 Aftermarket Catalytic Converter

Walker 16370 Aftermarket Catalytic Converter

This product is appropriate for vehicles made in 1996 and later. The direct fit design bolts to existing exhaust help in making the product suitable for all the vehicle models. The product gets thick OE Flanges and the other fixtures help in adding strength to the stainless body.

After a detailed study, I believe that my choice would be Eastern Industries 70318 Aftermarket Catalytic Converter. This product suits most of the vehicles, and the users find it easy to fit and not worry about the durability too. You can find the products link in table.

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