Best Exhaust for FRS – Top 5 Exhaust of 2020

Best Exhaust for Mustang GT
Best Exhaust for FRSImageScoreLink
Borla 17284 Exhaust for FRSBorla 17284 Exhaust for FRS4.7buy
DNA Motoring Exhaust for FRSDNA Motoring Exhaust for FRS3.0buy
DNA Motoring HDS-FRS-HF ExhaustDNA Motoring HDS-FRS-HF Exhaust3.5buy
Tornei FA20 Exhaust for Scion FRSTornei FA20 Exhaust for Scion FRS4.8buy
Auto Dynasty Replacement for FRSAuto Dynasty Replacement for FRS5.0buy

Hello guys, today I will be introducing to you the Best Exhaust to use as a Replacement for the Scion FRS. 

Best Exhaust for FRS

The Scion FRS has been a top-grossing product because of the smart and swift drive it offers. The car has been famous for its strong engine and spacious interiors. The sports coupe has dual exhaust pipes and superior weight distribution to give the people inside a comfortable ride. The vehicle has become a popular choice even among the regular Toyota and Subaru. Top brands offer the best exhaust pipes as a replacement for Scion FRS. Let us check the best five in the market for the vehicle as to the best replacement when it is time to replace.

1. Auto Dynasty Replacement for FRS

Borla 17284 Exhaust for FRSThe vehicle is made of 304-stainless steel and is backed by the superior materials of the Borla brand. The exhaust pipes have been working strongly and will remove the primary catalytic converter. Moreover, it improves performance with the stainless steel body and is the perfect fit for the Scion FRS.

2. DNA Motoring Exhaust for FRS

DNA Motoring Exhaust for FRSThe product is made of computerized mandrel bends that maximize smooth exhaust flow. The Tri-Y high performance comes with the right specification and offers excellent functioning even at engine speeds. Besides, the airflow increase is visible at 10 to 15HP/TQ.

3. DNA Motoring HDS-FRS-HF Exhaust

DNA Motoring HDS-FRS-HF ExhaustThe high-quality T-304 Stainless steel material comes with mandrel bends to add to strength and performance. It comes with a TIG Welded CNC Machine flange while delivering 4-1 high performance. The product offers a gain between 10 and 14 HP/TQ.

4. Tornei FA20 Exhaust for Scion FRS

Tornei FA20 Exhaust for Scion FRSThe exhaust offers absolute power and proves to deliver exceptionally. It will work in manifold designs. Moreover, it is super-light and has a perfect flange made of SUS304 Stainless steel. The product is designed to minimize exhaust resistance and be resilient to extreme heat.

5. Auto Dynasty Replacement for FRS

Auto Dynasty Replacement for FRSThe product offers the best of exhaust functions from engines at varying speeds and can increase airflow instantly. The 10mm thick header flange fits the high-quality T-304 Stainless steel material. It has computerized mandrel bends for extra durability, and the Tri-Y High-performance long tube racing spec design works wonders.

After a lot of research, my choice is the Borla 17284 Exhaust header for Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ. Borla’s brand has some of the finest features and is made of a durable stainless steel body. It makes the exhaust header to remain long-lasting. You can find the products link in table.

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